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Welcome to our walking tour!

This walking tour is designed around the Bang Rak area for the purpose of discovering and appreciating different aspects of Bangkok.

Hi there! We’re Grade 9–11 students at VERSO International School. For the past three months, we have worked hard to create this walking tour with the purpose of making you leave Bangkok with a wonderful experience and a great impression. On this tour, you will get to experience Bangkok from many perspectives and discover the Bangrak area's famous locations and hidden gems through our walking tour.

We guarantee a fun and memorable experience when visiting Bangkok!

At your first destination, experience the European architecture style at the Neilson Hays Library. After you’re done exploring various kinds of books around the library, you can take a 10-minute walk and arrive at the Bangrak District BMA local museum to experience local Thai lifestyles in the past. Very close to the museum, you may take a break while enjoying many delicacies of authentic Thai street food. Just a 4-minute walk away is the exciting street art at Charoen Krung 32. You’ll walk through another alley with food vendors; pad thai and fresh fruit are two of your choices. Your next stop in Talat Noi is a long alley surrounded by different types of paintings and photographs created by many artists in Thailand. Last but not least, 150 meters further, is your final destination. The So Heng Tai Mansion is one of the most famous landmarks in Talat Noi. On your way to Saphan Taksin BTS, you can select from four respected places to enjoy fabulous Thai cuisine.

Enjoy your journey!

Getting Ready

Many feature of this walking tour require AR. For the best experience during this tour, please download Styly. To be able to use Styly properly you will need to open the application NOT the browser, Wix will take you to Styly browser which would cause problems, so to avoid that you must have the Styly application and open each Styly link in the app. You can use the button below to download Styly.

Now that you're ready, please pick a starting point.

Once you click on one of the button, it will take you to a google map page. There it will show how to get the first location of this walking tour, The Neilson Hays Libary! 

VERSO Walking tour

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