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Street food

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Underpass Street Food

After you finish from the museum, you will be met with a variety of different Thai street food options! Whether that be the flavorful tastes of Esan food to the authentic taste of Thai food, Thai street food is known all over the world! Stop by under the bridge to try some famous thai dishes such as somtam, which has papaya, chilli, and different spices, originally from the north of Thailand, and various different kinds of soups, with ingredients such as onions, pork, and rice. These delicious soups originate from the north of Thailand, due to it being a colder climate.

Baan Bang Rak

If the underpass street food is too challenging for you, you can visit the homemade noodle shop, located a little further along this road on the left. Baan Bangrak is a white and green shop on the corner and you can recognize it from the sign in front. This authentic Thai noodle shop has been open for over 20 years, and the recipes have an origin from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. Their signature dish is pork and noodle soup, which has a blend of various different vegetables and spices. It is also a great place to take authentic thai photos, due to the shop having a thai style of design.

Baan Bang Rak Interview
Ice cream

Right across the street, there is an ice cream shop that sells Chinese ice cream.

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