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Chareon Krung 32 Street Art

street art:
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Street Art

Street art is artwork that is independent visual art made in public locations such as buildings and walls. Street art has different names such as independent art, post graffiti, neo graffiti and gorilla art, most street art are murals, murals have been around since the resistance, murals are usually commissioned and can either be placed outdoors or indoors. But not all street art are murals. Street art are full paintings that take over walls and buildings. Street art is more popular and more widely accepted than graffiti. Street art is often easier to understand and enjoy the message than graffiti.


Graffiti is a contemporary art form usually conveyed in words and small images, under most laws in the world graffiti is considered vandalism but some laws appreciate and accept graffiti as an art form. There are different forms of graffiti, the most common form is a graffiti tag but there are other forms of graffiti such as throwups, blockbusters, wildstyle, stencil, posters and paste up. Much of the culture of graffiti art revolves around the challenge of tagging their name in difficult locations, the artist gain a lot of respect from other riders if they can tag hard to reach spaces. Graffiti artist tag not to show a message to the public but too communicate with other graffiti artists in that area. All graffiti artists prefer to stay anonymous but if a graffiti artist is commercially famous they are considered more of a street artist than a graffiti artist.

Differences The main difference between street art and graffiti is that most of the time street art is legal and more artsy while graffiti is illegal and more of an underground if you know you know thing. Most street artists tend to want to make money off their work while graffiti artists do what they do for the adrenaline rush and as a hobby.

Story about Bigdel

Bigdel! A famous street artist whose art is on Soi Charoen Krung 32, you might have seen his art walking by. It's very colorful and big, but what is its meaning? Bigdels art is inspired by American hip hop culture that he learned about from classmates from an international school, which included his interest in skateboarding. He started doing graffiti at 17 years old and has been doing it ever since, Bigdel started with tagging then later took an interest in street art more than graffiti. Although his art started with the influence of American hip hop culture, currently he is trying to incorporate Thai culture into his work. You can see in his art on this street the Thai word ‘Sabai’ which means relaxed in Thai. The message Bigdel wants people to see and feel while looking at the art is happiness and relaxation. Soon his work became more recognized and people started knowing his name more because he was consistent with his work and kept doing it. He explained that the biggest obstacle that he has faced is sticking to his art and not giving up despite every circumstance and keeping moving forward.

Story Artist Waris

Do you know what street artists do and what their art means? If not let me tell you a short story about a street artist, specifically a female street artist also known as Waris. She's a street artist who is currently in Chiang mai. Her main inspiration/ driving statement to create art is firstly her interest in this field, she explained how she always liked art and that making art on a paper like everyone else was normal and she wanted to explore and discover a new style.Thats what got her interested in street art, a different way of expressing emotions and giving a deeper meaning for many people to see through a visual and colorful picture. Waris’s art does represent a message that she wants to express to other people and artists. She creates art to empower women, with each image representing women and their power. She wants other female artists to come out of the dark and comfort zone to express their feelings and create art, because most people feel that street art or graffiti gains a bad reputation. On the other hand Waris wants people to acknowledge the good side and the importance of street art and each character that she creates has a deeper meaning and message. Her art changes in every location due to emotions, thinking or conflict. She also connects those women to the location or the environment and the feelings she wants to express through street art.

How was the walk? Let's take a break and eat something refreshing. There is street food like pad thai and fresh fruits available on this street as well. Watch Out!

Street Food
Pad Thai
Here at the start of the street art, there is a shop that makes the internationally renowned dish which is called pad thai. 
Fruit Cart
Along the walk you may find yourself passing big containers of  fruits in ice! What is this?! Well, this is an authentic thai fruit cart. Because Thailand is so hot, the people of Thailand gather various different kinds of fruits such as guava, pineapple, papaya, and lots more of tropical fruits.
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